Welcome to my new blog!

Well I’ve done it! I’m now among the bloggers of the world with this inaugural post
on my new marketing blog.

There might be a bit of sawdust here and there as this new blog is tweaked and the blogger (me) finds everything. Fortunately, everything seems pretty easy to find, so it shouldn’t be too long until everything is unpacked (plugins etc.).

I knew I wanted my blog incorporated into my site at WebbResults.com, so I made the complete change to WordPress.

I was fine with using Dreawmweaver to update my website, but WordPress will allow me more functionality in making posts from anywhere, and more productively at that.

I’m quite pleased with the design conversion work by Tom Usborne at MidnightDonkey.com. He is fast, friendly, very responsive to emails, and I still have both my arms and legs.

If you need a new corporate website, your current website design converted to WordPress, or your company needs to get started with a blog, go to his website and tell him I sent you.

I love connecting people.

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I also love connecting with my current and future subscribers of my marketing e-newsletter (AKA e-zine), B2B Marketing Update. The e-newsletter will be connected with this blog before the June issue of my e-newsletter.

B2B Marketing Update subscribers won’t miss a word of my marketing articles. They will continue landing in their email inboxes as they always have with one small change.

As I mentioned, I enjoy feedback from my readers and clients. The complete newsletter articles will continue on over here on the blog. I’ll continue giving you my thoughts on generating leads, speeding up the sales cycle, and increasing your ROI with quality web writing.

I look forward to your comments on my posts.

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