5 website mistakes that stop lead generation

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5 website mistakes that stop lead generation

Companies can find many ways to be more cost-effective and
increase efficiencies. However, creating website copy and
website content that skips best marketing practices costs
more money in decreased lead generation and
profitable sales.

Here are five marketing mistakes that affect your site’s lead generation:

Placing design importance ahead of effective copywriting
Website copy is too often placed farther down the priority list
when the website renovation decision is made, instead of a
successful copy-design collaborative process.

When that happens, the company is left with website copy that
must fit into the already chosen design framework.

There is then little room for ensuring the best possible
website usability.

Usability simply refers to how easy visitors perceive your
website is to do or find what they came for.

What is one thing that makes it difficult for visitors?

Massive text walls that make eyeballs bleed
When people land on websites with large paragraphs of several
sentences, the first thing they think is: ‘this looks like a
painful amount of work,’ their eyes get tired and they
quickly lose interest.

Instead, a copywriter who knows how to structure sentences
in a variety of ways so the text is scannable will make sure
that does not happen.

And more people stay on your site longer.

Are there other ways to lose website-visitor engagement?

Focus on your company and use corporate speak
Your website is obviously there to tell companies about what your
company offers.

What your prospects and clients really wish you knew is they want
you to write to write to them about what is relevant to them.

After providing proof of your capabilities, they are not interested
how long you’ve been in business. They are interested in
easily being able to discover how you can help them though.

It’s quite sad to see companies still communicating with their
customers in what’s known as ‘corporate speak’ in their website
writing and other online content.

Overusing expired, cliched words and phrases like ‘unique,’ or
‘end-to-end solutions’ make the needle on the engagement meter
spring right to the ‘boring and unoriginal’ notch.

Assuming your company website copy speaks directly to one person
in a way that makes your prospects nod their heads, they will want
to call to talk business. But uh-oh there’s…

No easily accessible phone number

This is quite self-explanatory, but a great copywriter focused on
structuring a website for lead generation would make sure your
company telephone number is easy to find, even if it is on your
Contact page.

No case studies, white papers or lead-gen opportunities
Or they’re buried so far, people can’t find them.

Case studies quickly help a prospective company see how your
company solved a problem similar to theirs, at another company.

I recently found that a client had a problem with generating leads
from the people that already go to his website.

What was the problem? He had no white paper or special report
to download. Since there wasn’t any content to download, the
opportunity to capture an email address was lost.

Without even touching on social media, these are just a few
of the website mistakes that prevent your website from
churning out leads.

What are your thoughts about effective lead generation websites?

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