3 Ways to Improve Technology Leads

For many B2B high tech companies, getting more leads has been a constant concern.
At the same time, every company always wants to convert more sales.

A 2013 eMarketer study found that 58% of B2B marketers said improving lead quality is now their most-pressing concern rather than simply generating more leads. This is certainly a good sign because technology marketers who want to improve conversion need to first improve technology leads.

Buying a list and promoting your products to them may seem like a quick and easy way to get started. We want a responsive list of quality prospects to become customers though.

That’s why you should…

Improve Technology Leads with High-Probability Prospects

To get better conversion results, you need to manually create a quality list of high-probability prospects. How can you find high-probability prospects?

You’ll need to look for companies who are the right size and most likely to buy software or technology your company can sell them.

You are using your LinkedIn account, aren’t you? You don’t want to pass up LinkedIn for your lead generation efforts. You can search by industry and title to find a list of companies to target.

If you do not immediately find the titles of people you want, you can search by title and company and usually find the people you’re looking for.

What about another marketing opportunity while we’re here?

Get to Know Their Most Current Concerns

Technology buyers are routinely asking questions in LinkedIn groups and other gathering sites such as blogs, to solve problems they have on their plate. You can find out what these concerns are and market to them.

This is a prime opportunity to add value and generate leads. How can you add value?

Provide Quality, Educational Content

When technology buyers and other decision makers are out searching for software or technology solutions to their business problems, you can be there to give them content that will guide their purchase decision.

Maybe you have a checklist of what to look for in a cloud software provider or a quick 1 to 5 minute video they can watch.

Of course, no matter if it is a checklist, a white paper, or an informative webinar, the content carrot you offer will differentiate your technology company from your competitors. And cast doubt on your competition.

Now that they have requested or accepted your content, they have expressed interest in your solution. So they are now leads.

Keeping our eye on the goal of converting these leads, we’ll discuss how we can best nurture these leads in an upcoming post.

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