As an avid homebrewer, I enjoy the critical stage of the craft called the Mash Conversion. This is when you combine grain and a consistent temperature of hot water to get the critical base ingredient. To get it right takes a lot of patience, expertise and attention to detail – but the result of a delicious homebrewed beer is worth it.

Brewing conversion and marketing conversion are both an art and a science. Both can be assisted with software and there’s a good amount of analytics to look at to constantly “hit your numbers.”

Hitting my numbers in a previous life as a tech support agent meant having short calls and first call resolution. Although I liked people to understand why their problem was happening, that was a lesson I remember today.

Some audiences just don’t care about the tech. They just want it to work, or be protected.

I believe that’s where cybersecurity companies can do a better job. Talk tech for the CISOs and security analysts, but still be clear for everyone else. My approach to content and conversion brews up the ideal balance of the right amount of information for the right audience.

I started my copywriting business in 2008 after completing a B2B copywriting course, which complemented my prior marketing education. I then completed my conversion rate optimization course. I wanted to offer more value to my clients beyond writing alone.

There is a connection between the words you use to communicate with customers and the user experience they have with your website. With the right craftsmanship, it all comes together with Mash Conversions.

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