Content Marketing: 3 Simple Tricks to Sell More Software

With Hallowe’en almost upon us, it seemed to be the best theme
for this article all about selling more software with more effective
content writing.

So sink your fangs into these tips.

Make Your Message Conversational and Clear
Let’s be honest.

You need to know your audience and speak to them in a way
that works for them. Of course, that includes using natural
jargon as you talk.

This shows you know their lingo. As a result your audience feels
you know their business.

But is your main audience your only audience? There’s a good
chance you even have multiple audiences.

We can probably agree on that.

To make your message easier to consume, use a conversational
voice like they are people, not scarecrows stuffed with straw.

If your writing isn’t conversational, at least, for the love of dog
make it enjoyable to read.

And by enjoyable, I’m just asking for clarity.


Because people have a hard enough time getting their bodies
to exercise, let alone giving their brains a workout trying to
decipher your corporate copy.

They will give up.

Here’s an example (with the company name changed):

Camelot helps forward-looking organizations streamline their
Sales planning, Execution and Optimization processes by
providing the required tools to effectively manage
their recurring revenue business models.

Could they not skip the cliche words and make it as simple
as possible?

Like this:
Camelot simplifies your business and makes it so efficient,
it keeps making revenue, year after year.

So breathe some life into your content. I promise your
customers will thank you.

Pitch Their Benefits, Not Your Products
You really do run the risk of scaring your customers
away if all your content does is sell, sell, and sell some more.

Something like this: Our product is a proven, end-to-end solution
and has been battle-tested for the past 25 years in the most
demanding business conditions…. blah blah.

If you introduce features that can be turned into actual benefits,
they will want to know about the “solution,” which is, of course,
your software.

Use CTA Buttons That Inspire Action
Whether your call to action (CTA) is on a landing page or regular
content page, you have an opportunity to influence your viewers
with your words, or bore them enough to bounce away from
your site.

So why would a company choose to use an exhausted word like Submit?
Not only is a word like submit now cliche, it sounds a bit obnoxious too.

In fact, a 2013 Meclabs Research Digest study used a button with a
control using Submit, but changed to their treatment, Get Your Report
and generated a 109% increase in lead rate.

An engaged buyer stays on your site long enough to consume content
such as customer stories, white papers and other content.

If you try these tips, you can expect your visitors to return to your site,
become leads from landing pages, and eventually buy your company’s

Have you looked at how you communicate with your customers to
take action? Feel free to comment below.

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