Overcome Prospect Concerns with a White Paper?

Overcome Prospect Concerns with a White Paper? When you think about the best advantages of publishing a quality white paper, do you think about: generating quality leads? creating thought leadership in your market? Those are two well-known wins you could expect from using a white paper. But you know what? There are even more reasons … Read more

5 Ways to generate more software leads on the web

5 Ways to generate more software leads on the web Marketing isn’t getting any easier, especially in our highly competitive software and hi-tech market. That’s why I’m writing this blog post to help you find ways to solve your unique software marketing challenges. Let’s start right with the how: 1. Hit Your Prospect’s Biggest Problem … Read more

Are you serving content or relevant, engaging copy?

This past week a potential client told me: “I see the writing as a minimal part of our website.” Fortunately, my clients don’t see business writing this way. When I hear something like this, I think three thoughts: One, they place small financial budget limits on their marketing results. Two, I feel sorry for them … Read more

Welcome to my new blog!

Well I’ve done it! I’m now among the bloggers of the world with this inaugural post on my new marketing blog. There might be a bit of sawdust here and there as this new blog is tweaked and the blogger (me) finds everything. Fortunately, everything seems pretty easy to find, so it shouldn’t be too … Read more