How to Prevent Software Buyer’s Remorse

Buyer’s remorse can be a factor in many categories. For a B2B software buyer, their perceived remorse could be very real, considering the career implications they may be
facing if they made the wrong purchasing decision.

Although buyers were never able to return boxed software; in the case of Software As A Service, buyers may decide to not renew a software license agreement.

So how do you make sure your software clients feel appreciated, love your software, find it invaluable and want to tell their friends?

With more software.

Chances are, if you acquired the customer through a lead generation process, you already have their email address.  That email address isn’t something you only use once.

For instance, you may not realize that buyer’s remorse diminished the value of your sale until it did. Your company could be taking a hit on the value of the original sale.

Instead, their email address could spark a business discussion by better educating your prospects and customers about what you have to offer. How can you do that?

Effective copywriting and marketing materials
In software and high tech, the stakes for the business buyer are always higher than for other categories. Their job is on the line should they make the wrong choice.

Don’t let them think they made the wrong choice. Throughout the careful selection process from the test environment to eventual roll-out, the key influencers and decision-makers will want to see case studies of successful roll-outs in similar applications.

Need more ways better writing would help increase your original sale’s value?

A well-written email would inform them of an issue that could affect their business, and the consequences of a taking action on it – or not. Imagine if you saved them money. You’ll be seen as a trusted advisor.

With an email newsletter, you have an opportunity to let your clients know about other services you offer that complement those you’re already providing.

Yet another opportunity to drive traffic to your website and improve your search engine optimization strategy is to use a blog. A variety of topics can be planned out and written professionally well in advance so that your clients will be engaged with your company and keep it top of mind.

These are just a few ways an effective copywriter can help you look great and prevent software buyer’s remorse.

However, what would be an amazing way to squeeze even more benefit and perceived value out of using your software?

Email Tutorials
That’s where an introductory software training series comes in. A training-by-email tutorial series on a fixed schedule would unlock the full potential of your software and instantly create a sense of customized value while using it.

Even better, because your software company took the time to include this value-added service while your competition did not, your company will stand out for quality and reap the benefits.

They’ll Love Your Software and Find it Invaluable
They keep using your software. As long as they’re happily using your software, seeing how much time they’re saving (or getting other benefits) by using it, buyer’s remorse won’t even become an issue.

How else can you keep in touch with clients using your software?
It would be a great idea to send your clients case studies to show all those other successful  implementations of your software. Even though they are already clients of yours, they would be interested in learning about companies similar to theirs also benefiting from using your software.

Do you feel that your marketing and copywriting are up to the job in preventing buyer’s remorse?

3 thoughts on “How to Prevent Software Buyer’s Remorse”

  1. Kevin, great post. I know that we’ve been needing to do more for new customers and am going to consider doing a staggered series of training videos for customers who buy ACT! from us. I love the idea because it will help them get more and more out of the software while still allowing us to provide training services to clients who want a regular 1/2 or full day training session.

    • Hi Len. Welcome to my blog and thanks for chiming in with your kind words and comment. What better way to give your customers value than to give them a taste of what’s in store for them in your complete training services.

    • Hi Len. Welcome to my blog and thanks for chiming in with your kind
      words and comment. What better way to give your customers value than to
      give them a taste of what’s in store for them in your complete training

      (I originally posted this the same day you wrote this. Unfortunately there were some technical difficulties that kept it from showing here. Copy, Paste, FIXED!)


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